Barcelona Trip

One might ask, is Barcelona worth visiting? The answer is YES! I’ve only had a hand luggage and 4 days to do it (that was the plan). Plenty to see and do so let’s get on with it. 

Capital of Catalonia and the second most populous city in Spain, Barcelona is well worth visiting. Barcelona’s pleasant Mediterranean climate and famous landmarks like the Sagrada Familia and many others designed by Gaudi, attracts a lot of tourists all year round. Located on the coast between two rivers, Besos and Llobregat no wonder that Barcelona is one of the most popular cities to visit in Europe.

The 4 day trip turned into unplanned 6 days, due to unseasonably bad weather the flight got cancelled, so I stayed a bit longer and the best thing about it? Twoextra days in Barcelona for FREE. I loved it.

Sagrada Familia

What To Do In Barcelona

Gothic Quarter or Barri Gotic – a Roman village in the past. Its winding, narrow streets and numerous squares, restaurants, shops, medieval architecture mixing with a modern one, a top choice for many visitors. I recommend when visiting Barcelona.

La Sagrada Familia – the most famous Cathedral and Antoni Gaudi’s unfinished work. The construction began back in 1882 and is still ongoing today. The Temple has always been an expiatory church, built only from donations. As Gaudi said: “The Expiatory Church of the Sagrada Familia is made by the people and is mirrored in them. It is a work that is in the hands of God and the will of the people.” One of my favourite places in Barcelona for sure. Get your Sagrada Familia tickets Here

Castel de Montjuic – Montjuic Castle – 173 meters above the Port of Barcelonawith stunning panoramic views across the city. Old military fortress has seen many battles since it was built in 1640. The castle is infamous in Catalan history for its role in the civil war from 1936 to 1939 when both sides of the conflict imprisoned, tortured and shot political prisoners here. Now a peaceful place, perfect for a day out. The Castle can be accessed by Montjuic cable car(Teleferic de Montjuic), or you can just walk up if you like.

Casa Batllo – is a UNESCO World Heritage site, designed by Anton Gaudi and considered one of his masterpieces. Some people call it House of bones due to its visceral, skeletal quality. Colourful facade with small balconies almost reminds a fairy tale house. The house is open to the public and visited by many people every year. If you visit Barcelona, do not forget to come and see for yourself. Get your tickets Here 

Park Guell – escape to the hill above the city. Located in La Salut, a neighbourhood in the Gracia district, with amazing views of Barcelona. The park is a reflection of Gaudi’s design. Gaudi implemented here a series of structural solutions rooted in geometry. Hence the shape of the buildings, the terraced gardens and the colourful mosaic roofs and facades. Everyone loves the garden with many plants, palm trees and benches to just sit down and take in the scenery. It is Free to visit Park Guell, but to enter the mosaic terrace, you will need to purchase a ticket. Book your Park Guell tickets Here

Barri Gotic
Sagrada Familia
Barcelona Port Panorama
Casa Batllo
Park Guell

El Born – Cultural Centre 
– or Mercat del Born is a former public market and one of the most important buildings in Barcelona. Located in the lower and eastern side of the La Ribera neighbourhood, it is the largest covered square in all of Europe and marked the start of Modernism in Catalan architecture. Now a museum and cultural centre covering archaeological ruins which were part of the La Ribera district that was demolished in the early eighteenth century.

El Born Centre Culturel

La Boqueria – The Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria – La Boqueria market, provides a wide variety of fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds, sweets as well as meat, fish, cheese and dairy. Very popular with locals and visitors alike. Immerse yourself in the smells, atmosphere and flavours of some of the Spanish most favourite foods.

La Rambla – It is the central boulevard which cuts through the heart of the city centre and is a vibrant and lively promenade filled with Barcelona’s action at its best. Its popularity with tourists has affected the character of the street, with a move to pavement cafes and souvenir kiosks. If you like to watch the world go by, La Rambla is the perfect place to visit.

La Rambla

Camp Nou – the home of FC Barcelona, it is the largest stadium in Spain and Europe, and the third largest football stadium in capacity. An exciting experience even for non-football fans. Book your Camp Nou Barcelona tickets HERE and save.

La Monumental – Plaza de Toros Monumental Bullring. It was the last place in Catalonia where bullfights were held since the Parliament of Catalonia passed a law banning bullfighting events on 28 July 2010 that came into force in 2012. Now a museum and a must see place to visit in Barcelona.

La Monumental Bullring

Venetian Towers – Torres Venecianes is the popular name for a pair of towers on Avinguda de la Reina Maria Cristina at its junction with Placa de Espana in Barcelona. They serve an ornamental function, to mark the entrance to the exhibition district, now known as Fira de Barcelona, and the start of the grand avenue leading up to the Palau Nacional on Montjuïc.

Venetian Towers Barcelona

Getting Around In Barcelona

Barcelona has a modern and well-developed public transport to get quickly anywhere in the city. The metro, bus and tram all run at a very tight pace and until late into the night.

Taxi in Barcelona, The Barcelona taxi service operates with city fare rates for services within the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona. The intercity fare, which is authorized by the Catalan Regional Government, is applied to routes outside of this geographic area. The easiest way to book your Taxi is by using MyTaxi app

The most convenient way to travel around Barcelona is using public transport, Bus or Metro. The TMB  service is very reliable and the most affordable way to move around Barcelona. Get your FREE Metro map HERE.

For unlimited journeys be metro and other public transport, get your Hola Barcelona travel card in advance. Barcelona metro service is well connected with El Prat Airport and the city centre as well.

If you prefer walking, download a FREE Barcelona map HERE.

Barcelona Weather

Winter, from December to February, is mild, although you may encounter different weather situations. Atlantic fronts can bring clouds and rains for a few days. Sometimes, even cold and windy days can occur, when cold air masses from eastern Europe arrive: in such cases it may even snow. The lowest temperatures in Barcelona are not particularly cold: typically the temperature drops around freezing or slightly below on colder nights.

Summer, from mid-June to August, is hot and sunny, with highs close to 30 °C (86 °F); the heat is sultry because of humidity, but sea breezes make it more bearable. The city is somewhat protected from heat waves that can affect other parts of Spain, but we can not exclude some particularly hot days, with peaks of 35/36 °C (95/97 °F). 

Spring and autumn are mild and relatively rainy, however, there is a fair amount of sunny days also in these periods. 

Photography Highlight

What a Year It’s been…

Started off with a Photography trip to The Big Apple-New York . What a trip. Every photographers dream. The trip has come and gone. Bye Bye New York.

Now we Have the Summer here. Finally, Right? Lets have some fun…Sun, Sea and Sangria? Why not. The Mediterranean Island of Mallorca is the perfect destination. Lovely place to visit. Just when you start enjoying it it’s  time to go back home. I wiped the sand of my camera and back to the reality again.

The Autumn was here. The days are getting shorter, no more sunshine Ooooh. But wait. Maybe a quick trip somewhere? Somewhere warm? Yes! Alicante in Spain. 
Alicante is a port city on Spain’s southeastern Costa Blanca, and the capital of the Alicante Province. It was in late September and the temperature was still in high 20’s. As it happens time to go back home was here once again. Hasta Luego Espana.

The long, cold, wet winter is here again. Nothing else to do but go through all my photographs I took during the year. Lots of nice memories in those images. I had to book another trip. Last one this year. The Winter is here so might go out there and make the most of it. I was going to Slovakia. The Low Tatras mountains. 
The Low Tatras is a mountain range in central Slovakia, separated from the northern High Tatras by the River Váh. Most of the area is in Low Tatras National Park. Time to go was here. I finished my hot tea with rum, said goodbye to the friendly, welcoming people of Slovakia. But do not worry, will come back again soon.

That was my year in a few words and pictures. Do photographers work alone? People ask. Yes is the answer in my case. But the results are worth it I think. And if you love photography, there is nothing else you would like to do more. I am excited to see what will the new year bring.

One last thing. My long awaited photography site is up and running. Visit Us at

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from

“The Beast from the East”

Well, The Beast from the East has come to the UK, and gone or maybe not just yet. Had a bit of snow, more than We usually get over here. IMG_20180302_132134

The tv stations kept us well-informed, “be prepared for freezing conditions” mind You -4 C is much colder than We are used to, nothing in comparison with my native country Slovakia where -15 C is average temperature for this time of the year. Anyway, as I mentioned We’ve been well-informed by the media, do not travel if you don’t have to, good, right? Like nobody have to go to work etc. Trains, planes, public transport cancelled, schools closed. So obviously people are worried and try to stock up on food and whatever They need. I have decided to do the same and pop in to my closest supermarket, where I don’t have to drive my car to…


So much for stocking up on fruit or veg (delivered fresh today). Empty shelves!!! Oh no! Never mind, shall I try the meat isle?


I give up…Gonna wait a couple of days, hopefully no more Beasts are coming.

It’s all good, We keep on smiling. 🙂 🙂 🙂


Off to the Big Apple tomorrow,  have a long list of things I wanna see, one of mine favs must be The Statue of Liberty. Then I found out that:

Statue of Liberty National Monument and Ellis Island Closed Due to a Lapse in Appropriations

Statue of Liberty National Monument and Ellis Island Closed Due to a Lapse in Appropriations. Effective immediately and until further notice, the Statue of Liberty National Monument and Ellis Island are closed due to a lapse in appropriations.

Oooh no!!!!